Edward Lear's Feelings

Jasmine Jagger and Matthew Bevis explore the emotional life of Lear's art in a series of 5 programmes ​for Oxford University Apple Podcasts.

Learical Tennysons

An online exhibition curated by Jasmine Jagger assisted by Matthew Bevis which examines the unpublished letters exchanged between Lear and the Tennyson family.

Aspects of Edward Lear (Part I) -- Owls, Pussycats, and Other Creatures

In a series of 4 blogs, Matthew Bevis studies the riches of the Lear collection at Houghton Library, Harvard University.

Aspects of Lear (Part II) -- Backstories

Aspects of Lear (Part III) -- An Odd Bird

Aspects of Lear (Part IV) -- Jokes of Nature

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